Frequently Asked Questions

What does the unit fee cover?

The unit fee is the one-time fee it costs to get your operation up and going. It covers all of the necessary equipment, permits/licenses, cost of staffing, supplies, advertising, and all operations overall.

So what do I (the investor) have to do after the initial fee?

Provide us with your account information for us to wire your monthly payout! That is basically it. This investment is truly 100% passive to the investor and provides a consistent income stream indefinitely. You can also provide input and your preference for where you want your unit to be located.

Where does a Red Trailer Shake-Ups unit operate?

Our operations are typically best suited for all different types of events. Whether that is festivals, concerts, sporting events, theme parks, or anything of that matter. We also find spots to set in high-traffic areas or in partnership with existing businesses to continue selling and bringing in revenue when there are not events to attend.

How long will it be before I start getting payouts after I pay the unit fee?

Maximum of 90 days and minimum of 30 days from the date of receipt of your payment you should expect to have your units up and operational and you receiving monthly payouts.

What type of ROI should I expect to get on this investment?

Our units typically average ~$500 per day in gross sales which amounts to ~$2,000 per month per unit.

Is this an asset that can be sold for a profit?

You can absolutely sell this asset to another investor (approved by Red Trailer Shake-Ups) and receive a return on your investment that way as well. Red Trailer Shake-Ups retains the right of first refusal.