Why Red Trailer Came About

Red Trailer came to be because of what happened to John Auten at the end of his career as a chemical and process engineer for a large car manufacturer General Motors. He was ready to retire and had less than a year left, when he and around 20 of his colleagues had their long promised pensions of about $6,500/month completely pulled.

This came as a shock as John was reliant on that pension to support his retirement. After a long legal battle that finished in the Supreme Court, John and his colleagues were unsuccessful and opted to pursue a new opportunity. So Red Trailer was born!

Red Trailer | Early Years

Kathy and John Auten began simple out of a small trailer selling sno-cones. Over the years, they developed their own formula for a Lemon Shake-Up. The Lemon Shake-Up is an incredibly popular midwest beverage that is similar to a fresh squeezed lemonade.

After perfecting their formula, they travelled around central Indiana attending festivals in small towns and sitting out on street corners in their hometown of Muncie when there weren't festivals to attend. The business began thriving, not only due to the wonderful formula they had developed, but particularly because of the way that John and Kathy treated each and every customer. Building personal relationships with customers was one of the biggest priorities and still is today for Red Trailer.

Treating everyone with kindness and love is a requirement for all Red Trailer personnel as we believe the biggest impact we can make is not just with the products that we provide, but with the effect that we can have on individuals at the personal level.

Red Trailer is committed to bringing love and community across the world through the World's Guaranteed Best Lemon Shake-Up.

Red Trailer seeks true friendships with all of our customers, operators, managers, owners, and partners.

Our Mission Statement