Originally founded in 2000 by engineer John Auten and elementary school teacher Kathy Auten, Red Trailer has been serving Lemon Shake-Ups with a smile to customers for 23 years.

After having his pension pulled by GM following 35 years of loyal service, John was forced to seek new opportunities to support his retirement. And so Red Trailer was born.

Where Our Story Begins

Featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

Red Trailer Shake-Ups was featured on Fox News with Kathy Ireland talking about the expansion of Red Trailer. Stay tuned to Fox News to see the FULL interview coming soon!

Investment Opportunities

There are a few different type of investments you can make through Red Trailer that can provide you with consistent cash flow and good return on your money.

  • Become a Limited Partner

    • Being a Limited Partner means you are an owner of a Red Trailer unit. Receive 10% of gross sales from your unit passively each month. Earn up to 56% of gross sales if you choose to manage and operate the unit yourself.

  • Debenture Program

    • Our debenture program is designed for all types of investors and it provides you with a fixed yearly return on your money as well as a quarterly dividend for 10 years based on the sales of the operations.

The World's Guaranteed Best Lemon Shake-Up

  • Our fresh-squeezed Lemon Shake-Up is the perfect amount of fresh, sweet & tart

  • A refreshing taste we guarantee

  • 23 Years served to extremely loyal customers across the Midwest.

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