Be an Owner & Operator

Earn up to 56% of Gross Sales

  • As an Owner & Operator, earn the $ yourself & keep a higher %

  • Receive corporate support such as marketing + advertising.

  • Keep up to 56% of your unit's total sales!

Monthly Income Projections

  • As investor, operator manager & regional director, you will receive 56% of gross sales.

  • The chart indicates monthly income based on daily sales numbers.

  • Typically, Red Trailer units average between $350 - $1000 per day in gross sales.

Yearly ROI Projections

  • Very hgh earnings potential

  • Average $1000 per day, & return your investment back +$134,720 (Full Trailer Unit).

  • These projections are all based on a Full Trailer Unit investment-- However past performance does not guarantee future results.